Strategic perspective for 2023-2026.  A future created by light.

Through light, we create a sustainable living and development environment for a better tomorrow.

Since 1989, we have been making our surroundings not only safer, but also more pleasant to live in. We have been bringing a bright future for 34 years. Get to know us from a new perspective!


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A future created by light.

Strategic perspective for 2023-2026. A future created by light

Let’s enter the world of innovative light together

Step by step, you will learn all about our goals and values in a matter-of-fact, concrete way

The city of positive energy transition!

We are proud to be part of the positive infrastructural changes in Warsaw. Over 75,000 innovative SAVA luminaires will be supplied under two contracts.  Together with the city, we illuminate kilometres of roads, metro stations, and buildings – from the smallest to the most prestigious ones. We create a variety of urban stories written with light, bringing the city closer to its inhabitants!

Find out how we do itFind out how we do it
We have been bringing a bright future for 34 years.
All over the world!

We serve more than 75 markets worldwide, delivering innovative lighting products and services around the world every day. Together with all the company’s Stakeholders, we are creating an efficient ecosystem of collaboration, which allows us to reach for the largest and most prestigious projects more efficiently than ever. We help save electricity and make our environment safer and more pleasant to live in. Contact us to find out what we can do for you!

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Grzegorz Harkot
LUG Light Factory Manager


Create your best investment project with us!

Whether you are an architect, urban innovator or entrepreneur, our products and services will enable you to reach the full potential of the light of the future!

Strategic perspective

Together with our partners, we keep rediscovering the full potential of light in order to offer the best possible products and services in a sustainable way that is good for people, animals, and plants. From concept to maintenance, we are there for you to help you achieve your goals to the fullest.

Strategic objectives


We offer our Partners positive social and environmental value. We support our Partners in generating significant savings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We support the growth of our Employees because we know that it all starts with them.

Service transformation

It mainly consists in offering Light as a Service (LaaS), full design support through the Lighting Consulting service, supporting Partners with Customisation services and all related services. In this rapidly changing world, we offer effective, complete solutions and comprehensive support from start to finish.

Quality of life innovations

We want the lighting we propose to have a positive impact on the end users. We take into account the needs of people, flora, and fauna. We design and produce lighting that is compatible with the natural needs of all participants in urban life. This is why we are focusing on Nature-Centric Lighting (NCL).

International partnerships

They are about building the LUG brand worldwide in a conscious and comprehensive way. We have adopted this approach to be closer to our Partners’ key affairs on a daily basis, because we know that understanding them better allows us to offer them superior quality.

Enter the world of innovative light of the future

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