• Widely known and accepted
  • Combats the SARS-COV-2 pandemic
  • Effective against fungi, bacteria and viruses
  • Safe and tested

UV-C radiation is one of the most effective methods of disinfecting air and surfaces (e.g., walls, countertops, objects). Thanks to its characteristics, it eliminates up to 100% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. PURELIGHT LUG products reduce the horizontal transmission of dangerous pathogens and the diseases they cause – thus providing effective support against the effects of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic, but also against common seasonal diseases. It’s tried and tested! Find out more!

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Application Areas


Mazowieckie Centrum
Warsaw, Poland

Public space and offices

Nowy Kisielin, Poland

Educational Facilities

Castellanza, Italy

Commercial buildings

GURU Restaurant,
Warsaw, Poland

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POST-COVID Challenges.

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    Proven Effectiveness
    Confirmed by Tests
    and Certificates

    Read more about why PURELIGHT LUG products are more effective than others available on the market! Learn about the test results and be sure that PURELIGHT LUG devices are safe and have been tested!

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    Products from the PURELIGHT LUG family have been thoroughly tested and are certified by national and foreign accredited laboratories. By complying with international standards, we can ensure that PURELIGHT LUG devices offer effective elimination of pathogens and the highest standards of safety.

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    Decontamination effectiveness based on tests in the accredited Italian Tecnal laboratory in accordance with ISO 15714:2019

    Direct luminaires and flow devices.
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    • fully safe operation in the presence of people,
    • decontamination of air inside the device,
    • continuous and effective reduction of the concentration of pathogens in the room,
    • perfect for continuous decontamination of air, regardless of the presence of people in the room.
    Learn all about PURELIGHT LUG FLOW


    • maximum surface decontamination effectiveness,
    • direct exposure to UV-C radiation,
    • quick and uncompromising operation,
    • can operate only in empty rooms,
    • perfect for quick and effective decontamination during breaks, when people leave the room.
    Learn all about PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT

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    The UV-C PURELIGHT LUG family are certified solutions ensuring the highest level of safety for all types of rooms.

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    Lug Digital Knowledge Base was created out of passion for sharing knowledge. Here you will find videos about products and services, read and listen about innovation and learn about inspiring projects in all LUG application areas.

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    Find out how to:

    • reduce the horizontal transmission of the Sars-COV-2 virus in your organisation,
    • protect your employees and staff against seasonal infections,
    • increase the comfort and safety of your Customers and Guests.

    A Success Story.
    Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    “The installation of UV-C luminaires was intended to improve staff and patient safety. I was persuaded to use the PURELIGHT LUG brand products by the results of tests, which confirmed that the devices perform decontamination functions. The FLOW version which functions primarily in registration area, arouses the interest of patients who seem to be satisfied with the adopted safety rules. Thanks to their appearance, we could use the luminaires in the office, having secured the approval of the architect we worked with.”

    Joanna Andrzejak

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    How does the air conditioning system affect the efficiency of PURELIGHT LUG FLOW devices?

    When the air conditioning system is switched on, it mechanically forces the air into the room so that it can enter the chamber with the UV-C radiator in the PURELIGHT LUG FLOW devices more effectively.

    What kind of protections do we use when using the PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT and PURELIGHT LUG HYBRID devices to avoid the irradiation of accidental people in the rooms.

    We have a PIR motion sensor with reversed logic that allows the device to turn off when motion is detected.

    What is the counter installed in the PURELIGHT LUG device for?

    The counter shows the total operation time of the device, thanks to which we can control the life of the UV-C radiators (replacement after 9,000 operating hours).

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