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Order PURELIGHT LUG decontamination devices and obtain the highest standard of patient and staff safety this year!

Discover the special offer for medical facilities and get ready for the challenges of the fourth wave of the pandemic!


Effectiveness confirmed by tests and certified safety

Decontamination efficiency based on tests in the accredited Italian Tecnal laboratory in accordance with ISO 15714: 2019

Uninterrupted disinfection – even in the presence of people

PURELIGHT LUG FLOW devices allow continuous air decontamination. The radiators are located inside the device, which means the product can be safely used while there are people in the room.

Professional support for designers

We will calculate the optimum number of devices and propose the most effective location in the room.

Easy and intuitive operation

Save precious staff time and reduce the costs related to disinfecting rooms!

Let’s talk about a special offer for your institution! Discover the attractive price offer valid until the end of 2021 and take advantage of the availability of the confirmed PURELIGHT LUG devices right away!