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Technological Innovation and the Fight Against Microbial Threats to Health. What Should We Know About UV-C Devices?

We’re always surrounded by various types of viruses, bacteria, and even fungi and mould. These microbes and pathogens can be found on all surfaces around us… Are they a threat to our health? To paraphrase Paracelsus, “it all depends on the dose”. The lower the load, of course, the lower the risk.

The UV-C PURELIGHT LUG lamps eliminate harmful microbes by using an electromagnetic wave of ultraviolet radiation. This happens both in the air and directly on the surfaces that surround us.

How Effective Is This Technology?

Researchers at Boston University have proved that a dose of 5 mJ/cm2 resulted in a “99% reduction of the virus in 6 seconds”. LUG, a Polish manufacturer, decided to test the efficiency of its own UV-C lamps. The Polish Institute of Agriculture and Food Biotechnology was commissioned to conduct the test, and the results confirmed that the lamps are effective.

LUG relies exclusively on radiators from approved manufacturers, which guarantee the optimal radiation emission. This means that the devices are capable of completely neutralising viruses (e.g., SARS-CoV-2).

What Is the Best Location for UV-C Devices?

You could say – wherever people and microbes are found. LUG offers a wide range of products. PURELIGHT FLOW provides air flow decontamination and can work in a room while there are people in it. PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT and PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT OPTI have exposed radiators, so they should be switched on when there are no people in the room. The range also includes a device that combines these two methods – PURELIGHT LUG HYBRID. This allows you to adjust the product to your needs and the location in which this UV-C lamp is installed.