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Dedicated Accessories for Increased Safety and Comfort of Use.

LUG Light Factory engineers have designed a wide range of accessories dedicated to the PURELIGHT LUG family solutions. If you opt for UV-C decontamination solutions, you can further increase the level of safety and make operation even simpler by choosing the right accessories.

PIR motion sensor

PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT and PURELIGHT LUG HYBRID devices are available with additional protection – a PIR motion sensor. The sensor ensures that the external radiators of the device turn off whenever movement is detected in the room.

Infrared remote control

The whole family of PURELIGHT LUG luminaires is available in versions for convenient activation without the need to approach the devices. Point the remote control signal at the luminaire to activate it. The range of the remote control allows you to activate the luminaire and move away safely.

Hour meter

A digital hour meter with a built-in button counts operating hours of a luminaire equipped with UV-C light sources. It is a perfect solution compliant with the highest safety standards and aimed at maintaining the usability of specialized radiator lamps.

Sponge filter

Thanks to a precisely designed air filtration system, the luminaire retains up to 99.9% of pollutants such as allergens, pollen, dust, volatile organic compounds as well as unpleasant odours. Combined with UV-C radiation, which eliminates bacteria, mites, viruses and fungi, PURELIGHT LUG FLOW solutions ensure exceptional cleanliness and fresh air in the room.

Mobile stand

All PURELIGHT LUG luminaires can be used as a mobile solution. Thanks to the wheeled base and long power cord, they can be easily moved between different stations or rooms.

Protective grid

A protective grid protects the radiators against mechanical damage. Easy installation allows for convenient replacement of radiators once their useful life expires.