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SAVA – future-proof luminaire

We have developed, produced and provided over 80 000 innovative, future-proof luminaires for city of Warsaw. This is one of the biggest projects of public lighting modernisation in Europe. Comprehensive replacement of the luminaires will significantly allow minimise carbon footprint of the city – together we will reduce electricity consumption by almost 62 GWh! This is particularly important today, when prices of the energy in Europe increase so rapidly. We are proud to be able to pursue such an ambitious vision together with Warsaw despite turbulent times and to participate together in the energy transition. Discover SAVA, a luminaire prepared for a challenges of the future. Find out how we can help to deliver on goals of your city!

Watch the video and see how SAVA luminaire has successfully transformed the streets of Warsaw!
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Unleash the city’s energy and get ready for the challenges of the future!

  • immediate savings
  • maintenance and service easier than ever before
  • smart-ready technology
  • perfect city light

Conventional luminaire in Warsaw

Luminaire power [W]


KWh / year


Energy price

0.27 EUR

306.18 EUR

total energy cost of a conventional luminaire


Luminaire power [W]


KWh / year


Energy price

0.27 EUR

90.72 EUR

total energy cost of the SAVA luminaire

SAVA. Savings are just the beginning!

The SAVA modular luminaire, designed from scratch according to the city’s expectations, guarantees safe and convenient service, has an above-average lifespan and is characterised by impeccable style and urban elegance. It is a top-class future-proof luminaire that provides the impetus for positive urban change.





We light up the city!

We have modernised public lighting on over 300 streets of the city of Warsaw. Comprehensive approach to this particular project has been recognised by Polish Lighting Industry Association. LUG has been awarded “Best Illuminated Municipality and Town of 2022” as well as ”Best Lighting Investment of the year 2022”. We also received the Alicja Peczyńska Special Award for outstanding and non-standard lighting solutions in design, selection and supply of luminaires. We are proud of the recognition and of the fact that together with Warsaw we can create a city of positive energy transformation.

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The easiest path towards Smart City

future proof

Your city.
Only the best solutions.

  • Comfortable and safe to service
  • Open character (LMS)
  • Prepared for the challenges of the future
  • Putting people at the center
  • Minimizing Total Cost of Ownership
  • Environmentally responsible
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We light up

We have been participating in the positive changes in Warsaw for many years. Together we have illuminated kilometres of roads, buildings both the smallest and the most prestigious ones, as well as metro stations. We create numerous urban stories written by light, thanks to which the city is closer to its inhabitants!

Raffles Europejski Warsaw

Faculty of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw

“Świętokrzyska” metro station

“Młynów” metro station

We light up Warsaw

We design a common space without compromise. For over 30 years, we have been combining competences gained in over 75 markets with technology and design.

Download the brochure and find out how we comprehensively complete projects.

    LUG. A proven partner at every stage of the investment.

    Based on our over 30 year experience, we support our partners and their projects in a comprehensive way. From a concept to final acceptance and use. Choose future-proof luminaires, use our URBAN intelligent infrastructure management system and enjoy full support at every stage of your project. Join the cities of positive energy transformation. It’s easy!

    Concept / Investment Programme / Functional and Utility Programme

    Construction project / Detailed design

    Investment implementation

    Final acceptance

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    Grzegorz Harkot
    LUG Light Factory Manager

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