What are the price differences between radiators and LED?

Using UVC-LED solutions at such high intensities is not economically justifiable – in order to obtain intensities similar to those of conventional radiators, the cost of devices would be several times higher.

When are we going to switch to LED solutions?

UVC-LED technology needs to become more cost-effective and available – if that happens, we will probably consider production.

What are the differences between room sterilisation and room disinfection? What terms should be used for UV-C radiation?

Sterilisation is a single technological process consisting in the destruction of all forms of microorganisms. It can be mechanical, physical, or chemical (physical methods are used most often).

Disinfection, or decontamination, is a procedure aimed at destroying microbes and their spores. This process destroys the vegetative forms of microorganisms but does not always remove the spores. The disinfected material is not necessarily sterile.

The most accurate term describing the operation of UV-C lamps would be UV-C decontamination.
It is a process consisting in removing substances or pathogens that threaten the life or health of living organisms through direct contact with them or used equipment.

Do LUG devices generate any odours during operation?

You may notice the smell of heating electronics, but only for the first dozen or so hours of operation. According to our research, it is well below the legal limit and amounts to 0.01 ppm (percent per million). The smell disappears after the first use.

Can ozone intensity be measured immediately on switching the LUG UV-C devices on?

The LUG company in PURELIGHT LUG devices uses UV-C radiators from reputable manufacturers, ensuring no ozone production. We confirmed this in our laboratory using a standard-compliant and approved ozone meter.

How are pathogens decontaminated in the PURELIGHT LUG FLOW chamber? At what pathogen concentration was tested with the PURELIGHT LUG FLOW device?

Pathogens are decontaminated by irradiation at a sufficiently high UV-C wavelength of 254 nm. In PURELIGHT LUG FLOW devices, pathogens are delivered to the decontamination chamber thanks to the flow of air through the fan located inside the device. The test was performed with a pathogen concentration of 1200 CFU/m3 (CFU – colony forming unit).

How does UV-C radiation affect plastics?

It all depends on the type of material and the dose to which these plastics have been exposed.
Plastics do not reflect most of UV-C radiation, they absorb it. This can cause UV-C light to adversely affect plastics.

How do we measure the exposure time required to decontaminate a surface?

The doses of UV-C radiation necessary to deactivate individual strains of bacteria and viruses are widely known. With the irradiance of UV-C radiators known, the time is calculated using the following formula:
Time (s) = dose (J/m2) / irradiance (W/m2). Irradiance is specified in the technical data in data sheets provided by the manufacturer of the radiators. LUG additionally carries out measurements in its own laboratory, using a spectroradiometer.

How is the effective room air decontamination after installing PURELIGHT LUG devices assessed?

To check the level of decontamination, we test the microbiological purity of air in the room before and after PURELIGHT LUG FLOW devices are used. We use microbiological air purity samplers that collect a certain volume of air and place microorganisms in petri dishes. The collected material is then cultured in incubators and, subsequently, the colony forming units (CFU/m3) are counted. Decontamination efficiency is determined by comparing CFU/m3 before and after the FLOW devices are used.

What kind of protections do we use when using the PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT and PURELIGHT LUG HYBRID devices to avoid the irradiation of accidental people in the rooms.

We have a PIR motion sensor with reversed logic that allows the device to turn off when motion is detected.

Can PURELIGHT LUG HYBRID devices disrupt the operation of electrical devices such as computers or telephones?

All our devices are fully compliant with the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) directive. This means that none of our products emit electromagnetic interference in quantities that could adversely affect the operation of other devices in their vicinity. PURELIGHT LUG divices are also resistant to interference from devices in their immediate vicinity.

Note that UV-C radiation adversely affects plastics, which may be present in the housing of electrical devices. For more information, see question 8.

Can the PURELIGHT LUG devices be placed in a suspended ceiling on the ground floor, i.e., behind the grid (open cell ceiling, manufacturer barwa system https://www.barwasystem.pl/sufity-z-siatki-cieto-ciagnionej-/vario-scc)?

Currently we do not have devices that could be installed in suspended ceilings.
When it comes to installing PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT devices behind a grid, this is not recommended, as it will reduce the UV-C range.

Does the UV radiation from the PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT device reach the most inaccessible areas of rooms?

For the decontamination with PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT to be fully effective, it is necessary to directly expose the surface to UV-C rays. In the case of hard-to-reach places or spaces with changing buildings, we recommend using the device on a mobile stand.

What is the safe dose of UV-C radiation for humans?

For UV-C radiation with 254nm wavelength (i.e., the one used by LUG in the PURELIGHT LUG devices), the safe dose per the PN-EN ISO 15858 standard is 60J/m2, 40 h per week and 8 h per day.

If I see blue light, is that the UV-C radiation?

No, UV-C radiation does not belong to the visible light spectrum. This radiation is invisible to the human eye. What we see is a red and blue line of light emitted by the radiator and should not be equated with UV-C radiation.

What is the best place to install a PURELIGHT LUG FLOW devices?

PURELIGHT LUG FLOW devices are best installed away from windows. The recommended installation height is 2.1 m, the devices should not be installed in the corners of the room. A minimum distance of 1.5 m from the walls and between the devices themselves should be kept.

How often should radiators be replaced?

Radiators should be replaced after 9,000 operating hours.

What is the counter installed in the PURELIGHT LUG device for?

The counter shows the total operation time of the device, thanks to which we can control the life of the UV-C radiators (replacement after 9,000 operating hours).

What should you do with a worn-out radiator?

For information on how to dispose of the radiators, please refer to the device installation manual.

For information on the collection of used devices, please contact the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recovery Organisation ELEKTROEKO ORGANIZACJA ODZYSKU SPRZĘTU ELEKTRYCZNEGO I ELEKTRONICZNEGO SA
02-457 Warsaw ul. Łopuszańska 95
tel. 22 375 92 60
KRS: 0000256581
BDO (Waste Database) No.: 000005953


Can I replace the radiator in the device myself after 9,000 operating hours, or do I have to hire a subcontractor with special permits?

Radiators may only be replaced by a person with the appropriate, valid electrical qualifications.

How does the air conditioning system affect the efficiency of PURELIGHT LUG FLOW devices?

When the air conditioning system is switched on, it mechanically forces the air into the room so that it can enter the chamber with the UV-C radiator in the PURELIGHT LUG FLOW devices more effectively.

Can the PURELIGHT LUG FLOW device be equipped with a larger fan, e.g., 120?

The use of a fan with a higher air flow will increase the operating noise of the device, which will make the use of the device cumbersome – less ergonomic.

Can the PURELIGHT LUG FLOW and PURELIGHT LUG HYBRID devices be installed on the ceiling?

The PURELIGHT LUG FLOW and HYBRID devices do not have the attachment required for installation on the ceiling.

How much radiation will effectively eliminate the SARS-COV-19 coronavirus and how long does the device need to work to effectively eliminate the risk?

A study conducted at the Boston University School of Medicine found that a dose of 5 mJ/cm2 reduced the SARS-CoV-2 virus by 99% in 6 seconds. On the basis of this data, it was found that a 22 mJ/cm2 dose causes a 99.9999% reduction in 25 seconds.

Some devices available on the market have a built-in delay function as standard (e.g., they turn on 45 seconds after the "on" command is selected). How do I switch on the PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT and PURELIGHT LUG HYBRID devices without this function, while respecting the safety rules?

In the PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT and PURELIGHT LUG HYBRID devices without a remote control, it is recommended to install the switches out of the radiation range or to use protective clothing.

Why are PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT devices with an additional reflector more expensive? What does it do?

Reflectors direct the UV-C radiation. The version without the reflector has diffuse radiation, which means that some of the energy will be used to decontaminate the surface on which it is installed (wall/ceiling).

Is the PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT device equipped with a power cord? If so, how long is it?

As standard, the PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT device is not equipped with a power cord, power is connected during installation.

Are the radiators under warranty?

No. Radiators are not under warranty.

What is the service life of the fan?

The service life of the fan is 50,000 operating hours.

In the middle of the PURELIGHT LUG FLOW and PURELIGHT LUG HYBRID devices there is a gap through which light passes. Is this safe?

Yes. It is safe. Visible light is not UV-C radiation, but the visible light spectrum. UV-C is invisible to the human eye. The doses of radiation escaping through the slots do not exceed the acceptable standards, which was confirmed by tests using a spectroradiometer.

How can I order radiators on the website? I cannot find the codes either on the home page or in the catalogue.

Radiators should be ordered by contacting the sales department directly (the consultant will select the right radiator).

The decontamination period, after which the surface in the room will be decontaminated, is specified only for PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT devices. Why is there no such information for PURELIGHT LUG FLOW devices?

PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT devices are characterised by direct emission of UV-C radiation onto a decontaminated surface. According to the proven and widely accepted knowledge regarding the time and intensity of radiation required to virtually eliminate the SARS-COV2 virus from surfaces, we can estimate and then measure the actual required time needed to virtually eliminate the virus. PURELIGHT LUG FLOW devices kill viruses and bacteria suspended in aerosols by taking the air in the room and subjecting it to direct radiation inside the UV-C device. Therefore, the efficiency of the PURELIGHT LUG FLOW devices is defined not in relation to time, but to the maximum size of the room in which it can be installed.

Is there any risk that my clothes will fade if UV-C radiation is directed at them?

We recommend that you do not leave your clothes on chairs or hangers in a room which is being decontaminated. Plastic fibres are not resistant to UV-C radiation.

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